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This Website Safety Tested by McAfee SiteAdvisor

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Fixing Blocked Email Senders

There are several issues that can cause our servers to block email from some domains (.com).  In order of precedence they are:

  1. The sender's mail server IP address is blocked  by our servers’ firewall
  2. The sender's mail server IP address(es) are blacklisted.
  3. The sender's email address(es) fail Sender Verify Callout requests.
  4. The sender's domain settings are incorrect.
  5. The sender's firewall software requires updating.
  6. The sender's emails are inadvertently marked as spam by our SpamAssassin software.

The only thing you can do on this end is add the sender's domain to your SpamAssassin WhiteList in your web site control panel (www.YourDomain.Com/cpanel) and/or ask us to add their domain's mail server IP addresses access through our firewallHowever, if our servers detect increased spam or hacking attempts coming from the sender's IPs they’ll be automatically blocked again, permanently.

If you still aren’t receiving their emails, use the Temporary Fix shown below.  After that, any other possible fixes must be performed on the sender's end.

Typical fixes include:

  1. Ensure the sender’s domain settings are correct (Have their IT personnel visit www.DNSStuff.Com and run a DNS Report then correct ALL red and/or yellow highlighted items)
  2. If the sender’s domain utilizes Symantec’s Enterprise Edition firewall, it must be updated to the very latest version.  Previous versions have a bug that don’t allow Sender Verify Callout requests.
  3. Add the sender’s email address to the sender’s domain account.  Emails must be sent from a valid, existing account on the domain it claims to be from.
  4. Remove the sender’s IP address from any Blacklists Their IT personnel can check it at www.MXToolBox.Com
  5. Try having them sending the email directly to you without going through an external email processing service if they are using one.  This will identify if the problem is at mail service or the sender's domain.
  6. SUGGESTED TEMPORARY FIX: Have the sender use an alternate email account to send email to you.  For example send emails to you from SomeAccount@SomeOtherDomain.Com until their IT personnel fix any other problems that may exist.  DO NOT FORWARD the email though.  If our servers see the offending domain/IP anywhere in the sender’s path it will still reject the email.

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